Domoticz 2022.1 with functioning python plugin

hi there for those who want domoticz 2022.1 with functioning python plugins - it is compiled for 19.07.7 corexa7. as later version of openwrt- domoticz are currently incompatable with python over 3.8 for python plugins to work

I will create a howto in a couple days if you wish to apply for other devices

2022 appears to not to display properly in firefox but works fine in other browsers

okay I added how to on the github folder if you want to compile for other devices - hopefully it is understandable- if not just reply here for help

after it compiles and build the packages you will find minizip, liblua5.3 and lua5.3 in bin/packages/XXXX/base and domoticz will be found at bin/packages/xxxx/packages - copy these 4 files over to openwrt . Ie: scp XXX root@ and then install..
opkg update

opkg install XXXX.ipk starting with liblua5.3, lua5.3, minizip and then domoticz


working perfectly with newest zigbee2mqtt 1.28.0 and has all the newest zigbee devices no more adding them in manually as I had too with domoticz4.9 and a much older version of zigbee2mqtt was only supported

I also uploaded ~200 node packages for openwrt 19.07.7 cortexA7 CPUs at github.