Domain names and firewall forwards

Hi hackers,

Is it possible to have multiple forward rules by accessed dns names ?
Like the virtual host in apache.

The objective is to get multiple internal (LAN) servers, accessed from outside with different URL, but with same external ports.
For sample :

You need a reverse proxy server such as nginx which is available in openwrt.


I find this but it will not works with SSL

You cannot virtualize a HTTPS connection (not without errors, at least). The reason is because the HTTPS certificate is presented upon connection - it needs to be the correct domain at that time.

anyone has experiences about : frp & xfrp ?

I need something like, or manually get my all certificates being hierarchically linked, anyone has ever made it with letsencrypt ?

Sorry to made two questions, from the one... but may still be helpfull to get the full subject advertised...