DOH adding servers


I would like to know if I can add more dns servers in the list into the build, if so where I can find the config file in the router, Im looking in etc/config/https-dns-proxy but before that, I need to add new server in system but I cant find where.?


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DoH providers:



awesome, it works, I added 2 more servers :wink:

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one last thing,

I dont know if you have an answer on this but in https-dns-proxy, if I enable three resolvers, ie: cloudlfare and quad9 + google, all are use or it is random or something like that?
thanks again

It queries all resolvers and then uses the fastest one for a period of time.

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If you added server-specific files to the WebUI, do consider either sharing the lua files so I could add them to the luci app or sending a pull request for the luci app, so that other people could use them as well.

The underlying service is just a proxy, it's up to dnsmasq to figure out how to poll the servers. You can disable the default behaviour which @vgaetera mentioned.

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