Does tplink xc220-g3v supports OpenWrt

This one have gpon epon and 4lan does it support openwrt or will it support it.

Use the search, Luke.

As you've been told in the past, use the ToH as reference, instead of doing random name dropping.

I have firmware for it. It's an ISP only model. Where to upload it ?

Ask TP-Link, or your ISP, or try TFTP recovery, or something.

No you didn't get me.
It's an ISP only model. You can't download firmware from TP-Link website. I have the firmware.
Where to upload it for OpenWrt Developers to support it?

no having the firmware will not help in support of that device as far as i know but still important if they brick the device they can use that to recover and repeat the process so if you want support i think having the hardware info will actually help like what kind of processor-chip it is using which flash chip and modem wifi etc so if you have the device give some extremely good high res photo will actually help open the device and show the motherboard
and you can give that firmware if you have nextcloud or protondrive or anything like a cloud storage upload that file and give a share link attached here.

And you didn't get the replays in the other thread.

Nowhere, or /dev/null.
There's no file dump bored developers monitor, just to get something new to work on.
You own the device, it'll be up to you, to bring it on board.

Reread my last sentence?

A joke, ignore it.

Please follow the topic linked above for development of OpenWrt for this device. There is no need for multiple topics for this device.