TP-Link XC220-G3V Support

Hardware -

There are many hardware versions of this.

1 Ports-

  • 1 PON
  • 1 Telephone
  • 4 Ethernet
  1. Telephone

  2. PON -

  • XPON
  • Has OLT Modes
  1. Wireless -
  • 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz
  • Beamforming

Looks like Archer C6

Archer C6


Some Hardware version looks like this -

Open it up, post a photo of the PCB.

Even without a clue about the technical specifications, chances of that device getting supported are effectively zero (in all capital letters) - just on the basis of PON ports and telephony features (Broadcom heritage is likely, MaxLinear wouldn't be much better, nor would be EcoNet).

@frollic @slh
I have got the firmware how do I upload it
and I got it from tplink (because it is a ISP issue model) can there be any identifiable info in firmware file

@frollic allow me to edit the main post

Firmware File (not availed on TP-Link Website, firmware is only provided to ISP)

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