Does TP-Link MR3020 V3 support Vlan?

Im using MR3020 with OpenWrt 19.07.2, r10947-65030d81f3
Is MR3020 support vlan? i can't find vlan config from my openwrt

my WAN is from ethernet port, if i can have vlan i want to make eth port to be WAN & LAN so i can get internet and broadcast internet from other AP device. this mr3020 wifi is weak for my requirement and if i put repeater, the wifi performance sometimes so bad. ping gateway until hundreds sometimes, hard to get < 10ms sometimes (still dont know the reason)

The MR3020 should theoretically support VLANs, but you will have to create them manually using UCI commands or by editing the network config file directly. You will need a managed switch, appropriately configured, to break out the VLANs from the ethernet port.

That said, you are still likely to get really poor performance -- the MR3020 is very old, low power, and doesn't have enough RAM to run 19.07 properly. In addition, the ethernet port is 10/100, so you'll be limited both on the ethernet port itself and on the processing capability.

OpenWrt 18.06 will run a little bit better on that device, but even that is questionable (from a performance standpoint).

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TL-MR3020 v3 was released in Nov. 2017 and has 64MB RAM (and bgn wifi only), contrary to v1 which had only 4/32.


Good catch @tmomas! I have the v1 and a TL-WR902AC, so I totally forgot about the v3!

@bagus91- can you verify which version you have? And can you post your /etc/config/network file (I don't want to assume it is the same as my v1). Please be sure to copy it into a code block </> to preserve formatting.

im using v3 and run smoothly
how to make vlan configuration show in Luci?
i built minimal luci in my custom image