Does this impact OpenWRT ? "Inception and Downfall"

Sometimes is browse for some "exciting Linux news" :grin:

There were several posts in the past 24 hours on some Intel/AMD vulnerabilities. Does this impact OpenWRT? (there seem to be Linux patches out)


Just curious

There's a only the root account anyway, if you've managed to logon, you don't really need the exploit.


No, my router doesn't have an AMD/INTEL CPU. Who is using Zen CPUs for routing anyway? ;- )

Mine does, but it's not among the CPUs affected...

Routers are not supposed to execute untrusted code. Real attack scenario would be very hard to imagine.


"AMD believes โ€˜Inceptionโ€™ is only potentially exploitable locally"

The DOWNFALL attack got me thinking about where you could possibly use AVX in a router. I can see it being used in a backend machine, analyzing traffic patterns and doing various ML tasks to create rules for DPI packages or patterns for DoS analyzers or whatever, but I don't see it ever being used directly on the edge/router device itself. Anybody got a better view on this?