Does OpenWrt use ACLs and Extended file system attributes?


I want to make an rsync backup of the OpenWrt boot and root file systems running on my Pi 4.

To do this I have this script to backup the root file system while omitting certain directories:

rsync -aEiv \
	  --exclude='/dev/*' \
	  --exclude='/proc/*' \
	  --exclude='/sys/*' \
	  --exclude='/tmp/*' \
	  --exclude='/mnt/*' \
	  --exclude='/lost+found' \
	  --log-file=/mnt/usb/openwrt/BackupOfImages/rsynclog.log \
	  / /mnt/usb/openwrt/BackupOfImages/rsyncpartitions

I use the -E option because I thought it was a substitute for -AX however it doesn't seem to be. The -AX flags are not supported in the version of rsync in the opkg feeds.

I tested and when I set an extended file system attribute on a file before I run rsync..
setfattr -n user.example -v example backup-router appears in the file OK...

root@OpenWrt:/etc/config# getfattr -d backup-router
# file: backup-router

But it is not preserved in the backup.

My Question:

  1. Does OpenWrt make use of ACLs or extended file system attributes that would need to be preserved in an rsync backup?
  2. Any plans to upgrade the version of rsync in the feeds to support the A and X flags?