Does OpenWrt support TP-Link TL-WR841 v14 Router?

Is Openwrt support Tp-link 841 v 14 Router?

Not recommended


what's the problem

Image build for TL-WR841N v14 has been disabled in master with commit d7d46da938e3 because the resulting image would be bigger than the flash memory of this device can accomodate.

The big warning box is there for a reason:

See for the technical background
See what you can do now (you have to build your own image).

I have a doubt: will it still be possible with OpenWrt 20.xx to use the Image Builder to try and build something for 4/32? Or will it be necessary to compile everything from stratch (hoping it would fit)?

Chances to build future images for this device are getting less every single day.
If you do not want to waste hours after hours of precious lifetime with underspec'ed devices, do yourself a favour and get a new device with sufficient flash + RAM for $20.

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I totally agree, my question was just out of curiosity (and in fact I have some MT7621 devices with 512MB of RAM).
As an soon-to-be engineer, however, I'll play with the old devices as long as I can. I take it as a game / challenge :slight_smile:
Thanks for the quick answer!

I have a large amount of this version 841 v 14