Does openWrt support R7000P?


Does openWrt support R7000P or any compatible model suit for R7000P?

TL;DR: it's not supported and you wouldn't want to try to run OpenWrt on the device anyway because of the Broadcomm chipset.

-what best router with profound performance on openwrt you recommend?
-does it mean any broadcomm chipset router won't be supported by openwrt?

That depends on so many things, including your definition of "profound performance" and your budget.

Browse here:

Some are supported, but not well. This is because Broadcomm doesn't provide open source drivers -- all of their stuff is closed source. The result is that wifi is barely functional on the devices that are able to run OpenWrt.

so pretty much any netgear router won't be supported by openwrt right?

It depends on the chipset.... I don't know if Netgear uses exclusively Broadcomm or if they have other architectures (I don't own any Netgear gear)

Best place to look is here:

There're at least about a dozen models which are supported...they use IPQ4019, IPQ806x or MT762x.

thank you. what best models associated with the mentioned ones?

i downloaded a bin file but there is no chk file. how would I retrieve or convert to chk?

What bin file did you download?

And what device are you trying to install it on to? This one??

OpenWRT does not provide any .chk files for any supported devices.

If you are referring to Netgear R7000/R7000P,
As already mentioned,
There is only limited supported for the Broadcom wireless chip in that router.

If intent on using OpenWRT with the Netgear in question,
You can follow the instructions at the following link: Installation

Your best chance is another third party firmware.

I have/administer some Netgear R7000/R6400, Linksys EA6900 and Asus AC68U (basically all Broadcom Northstar devices) which are running DDWRT.

R7000 is better (supported) than the R7000P due to its different internals, the R7000P uses DHD (Broadcom Dongle Host Driver)

Define your version of 'best'.
The fastest, cheapest, with the most ports or the most easy to flash?

The GL-MT6000 is a good choice now. Goes on a sale for $159 on anmazon all the time. Look it up on the wiki.

currently available for 145€ in the GL.iNET europe shop (instead of 179€), An additional 5€ discount for first time shopper or 10% for for returning customers. Free shipping, so the GL-MT6000 is currently 140€.


  1. most secured
  2. fastest
  3. affordable
    Q: if i may understand correctly, the flashing will help set up the same level of next gen firewall. right? how does it work well with dnssec?

While you make up your mind for a replacement OpenWRT router,
You can make use of dd-wrt firmware for the Netgear R7000P

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General inquiry: the flashing will help set up the same level of next gen firewall. right? how does it work well with dnssec.

Are you referring to the flashing of another (e.g. DDWRT) firmware?
If so post your questions in the DDWRT forum (the Broadcom forum is the forum you should ask for help), DDWRT personnel will be happy to assist you.

no, it is for flashing device on OpenWrt. Thanks.