Does openwrt support AC function to manage AP?

Does openwrt support AC function to manage AP?

can you be more specific? AC as in 802.11ac (aka Wifi 5)? Yes - that is supported on many routers, but check the table of hardware for specifics routers that you might be interested in using with OpenWrt.

Yes, I am currently using WIFI5 AP, and currently lack an AC to manage them. I learned from other sources that the openwrt plug-in has AC management functions, but I don't know the name of the plug-in.

This is still not clear, at least to me. What does “AC” mean to you?

thank you。Management ap usage,

I'm not sue why you're calling this "AC" but you'll need to be a bit more specific about what you are trying to manage, as it is still not clear.

Do you have several OpenWrt devices that you want to manage with one centralized system? If so, there are some threads (try searching for relevant keywords) where people have come up with ways of doing this such as Ansible Playbooks and such, but there isn't a standard OpenWrt package that I am aware of for this purpose.

Or if you're trying to do something else, please explain in detail what you want to achieve.

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