Does Linksys WRT3200ACM has VDSL modem?


I have deployed Openwrt on my WRT3200ACM but for some reason I`m not able to establish VDSL connection to Deutsche Telecom. The same problem is with original software from Linksys. I have tried with VLAN7 etc.etc. but it doesnt work.

Does this hardware include modem for VDSL (or ADSL) at all ? I havent found any infos about that hardware.

Maybe some one could support here and explain how to use WRT3200ACM + Openwrt + VDSL ?


No, the "Internet" port in the back is an ethernet port. You will need an external modem.


Thank You for Your fast, now its clear.

I have a router from my ISP with VDSL modem. So it means that my wrt3200acm must be connected to Lan0 port (od my ISP router) - if I would like to use openwrt. That means that i have to route traffic from openwrt to isp router. This solution will slowdown my home network because openwrt will create additional hop between end systems and isp gateway.

Is there any chance to remove isp router and replace it with some universal/custom VDSL modem which will be connected directly to openwrt ? Is it possibile to buy such a device?

I just would like to have one subnet at home and use openwrt on wrt3200acm. How to bypass isp router ?

Thanks in advance for any hints.


Of course it is. You have two options:
a) re-use the router you received from your ISP by setting it into "bridge mode", which effectively turns off its router functions and makes it a modem. Note that this is the only way if you have VDSL with Super-Vectoring, i.e. 200 mbit.
b) get a standalone modem. I personally have good experience with the ZyXEL VMG-B30A which can be had for some €15 in the usual places which is good for VDSL until Vectoring, i.e. VDSL 100.
After that, your OpenWrt router will connect to the modem and initiate the internet connection via the PPPoE protocol on the WAN interface. I'm sure there's heaps of instructions out there on how to do that.

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Following Your advices I have bought new separate modem Allnet all-bm200vdsl2v which has been prepared for connections with german Deutsche Telekom. Default Ppoe connection configured on Modem side(not openwrt) is working fine but...

I have switched to bridge-mode but for some reason there is no communication between openwrt (capture 0 packets...) and modem. I suspect that there is a problem with VLAN Id which needs to be set.
If modem is running in bridge mode, where should I set packets tagging ? On Modem or openwrt ?

By the way, do You know any documentation for ver. 21 where is in detail described how to configure openwrt for this kind of network constelation?

Have a look at this document, DTAG VDSL connections need to be tagged with VLAN ID 7.

I'm not entirely sure, having never used that particular modem, but I believe with this configuration you shouldn't have to tag a VLAN on the OpenWrt side, and the connection between the OpenWrt router and the modem can remain the default untagged.

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