Does firmware file (.bin) size equal the actual firmware size?

Does it? or is it compressed at first?

Like if I downloaded a firmware that was 5300KB will it use that amount on the device? leaving 10700KB usable? (assuming device has 16MB flash)

I'm new sorry if this is a dumb question

Squashfs is, well... squashed.

Oh :sweat_smile:

Is there a way to know how much space it'll use when it's decompressed? (without having to flash it if possible)

It does. It is compressed.

The firmware file (.bin in your case) is flashed as it is. it is already compressed.

Yes. No.
The whole 16 MB is likely not available. Typically the bootloader, WiFi calibration data etc. take a few megabytes, leaving somewhat smaller flash area for the firmware.

Check the possible partitioning info on your device's openwrt wiki page.

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It's both: it's compressed and that's the actual size of it when installed. But no, you wouldn't actually be left with 10700KiB, because on any typical WiFi-enabled router, there'd also be the bootloader-partition(s), a WiFi-calibration partition (and maybe a backup for it) needed by the WiFi-driver, and possibly others.


Oh! that makes a lot more sense, thank you both for the help

So if I used this router and I installed the 5175.78 KiB image I would have 10890.22KiB (16386 - (5175.78 + 192 + 64 +64)) free to use for packages?

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Yeah, that's about right.


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