Does ASUS XG-C100C / XG-C100CF driver exist?

I'm currently trying to build an openwrt router using an ASUS XG-C100C and an ASUS XG-C100CF PCI card.
I can see them when doing some lspci but I was not able to go any further. Looking on the net it seem that I need some drivers, but or asus website only gave me some zip with a tutorial to make them... But I dont have any of the needed tool on my openwrt computer :confused:

I have no other idea and start to think that it may be impossible for me to use this card

What do you think?

Thanks a lot

kmod-atlantic might be everything needed.

Sound like a good news but I have to admit that I dont really understand it :confused:
Is it supposed to be an opkg installable package? I did not find anything about this :frowning:

yes, but you will apparently need to move to snapshots (kernel 5.15) to get it.

Oh ok! I'll have a look at this! Thanks for the tip!!

Hi again,
I've just got a snapshot from
uname -r now return 5.15.77
I was able to install kmod-atlantic!

At first ifconfig was still showing nothing new, so I've installed the gui to check here and.. oh, a new card!! At this point ifconfig also started to show it :slight_smile:
Fun fact, the "new" card was the onboard network adapter and my pci card seem to worked since some time already ^^' sadly no clue when it started...

But anyway, my PCI xg-c100c card work now fine, I'll test the other one latter but I'm confident :slight_smile:

I hope this version will be released soon :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your help!

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