Does all OpenWrt router support fiber (FTTH)

Does all OpenWRT router support fiber ? if no what make a router compatible ?


Usually FTTH involves an Optical Network Terminator (ONT) which provides an Ethernet connection. So hardware wise yes. But fiber connections are fast and many routers are too slow for good performance over 100Mbps or maybe 200. So you need CPU speed that only the top of line routers have, like WRT32x or similar.

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Well said thank you

What amount of CPU/RAM should a router have at minimal to support FFTH ?

What speed do you want and do you want low latency for gaming and VoIP?

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I don't know I still not have FFTH but It will installed in less than 2 years in my country

I will say standard speed of FFTH, I just want an approximation to know

I just browse web pages

Here FTTH offers 100Mbps and 1000Mbps and nothing in between. If you want more than 200Mbps buy a mini PC with at least 2 Intel NICs, something with a processor that is new enough to support AES-NI. This will give you performance enough for the full range of 100-1000. An WRT32X will support probably 400 with SQM for low latency.

For just web pages and streaming wiithout SQM the WRT32x will work fine

I would not buy a product now, wait until the rollout as devices will just get bigger faster and cheaper

512 ram is enough and a 2 core 1.4Ghz proc ?

Enough for what you described, but only the PC will do gigabit with SQM.

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Please don't spread your basically identical questions over multiple threads, that makes it harder to actually help you and puzzle together your actual needs.

So you're looking for a router that can cope with FTTH, which means up to 1 GBit/s WAN throughput… With this in mind, neither the venerable TP-Link Archer c7 (maxes out around 150 MBit/s), nor ipq40xx (probably maxes out around 200-300 MBit/s), nor ipq806x as in the Archer c2600 (maxes out around 450-600 MBit/s) would be usable options.

I assume you refer with this to the TP-Link Archer c2600, an ipq8064 based router - that is no the same (nor even comparable) with a 1.6 GHz x86_64 system; the archer c2600 is not sufficient for managing a 1 GBit/s link.

If you want to route a 1 GBit/s WAN connection, your only options are highend mvebu (Linksys WRT3200ACM/ WRT32x) or x86.

can openwrt builds with fastpath mods handle ~1Gbps routing without SQM?

While flow-offloading obviously helps, it won't get you up to 1 GBit/s (not by far) on either of the mentioned targets (aside from mvebu or x86 and maybe mt7621, if you keep firewalling very simple and without VPN/ SQM) - and not at all in combination with SQM; qca-nss on ipq806x could, though (but that's not available).

…and we're back to

Then you'd likely order the lower speed tier FTTH to save some money (if it is offered), and demands on the router will be less.

I can confirm that MT7621 hwaccel can just about keep up with a gigabit ftth connection (maxes out high 800s vs the theorectical max of about 940 on our fibre system) - and that's with the overhead of PPPoE

Obviously that's with really simple firewall rules, no sqm etc.

I'm using an edgerouter er-x (after getting sicks of the endless regressions/bugs in edgeos) - openwrt actually manages slightly better thruput on that than the stock f/w

Maybe a Banana Pi R64?
Any new routers?