Documentation pages needing updates

Hi all, I would like to point out and propose some changes to the openwrt documentation found on the wiki.

  1. DSA and the general networking page need updating. For example, uses vlan alias style port specification and not DSA format nor is there a DSA example on the page (the page links to

  2. 802.11r, 11k & 11v - configuration information is hard to follow on & the various forum posts found here can often be somewhat confusing about what is and what isn't required

  3. Device specific configuration/best practice suggestions - in general this is missing & possibly something that updating/changing default installation packages & configs may at least part address.
    Some examples include - packet steering configuration & if manual irq configuration should be used or if irqbalance should be used

Related to 2 - are there any defaults that should be looked into being changed - e.g. wnm sleep mode ?

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You used to be able to create a mockup page with a wiki account, if it's still an option, maybe you should go ahead and create new pages with the changes you want to implement to solicit better feedback.

Also tagging @thess as I'm not sure who is currently the wiki maintainer. @d1b maybe check the wiki history and discuss the changes with the last author.

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Sounds good re mock ups / proposed pages/changes.