Do I need powered usb hub for hardisk & usb to ethernet in MR3020 V3?

I have MR3020 with usb to Ethernet & hardisk 2.5"
i plan to use my hdd for exroot and storage (samba), then use usb to ethernet for connect to access point for better coverage

my question is, do I need to buy powered usb hub to make it run good without issues? or non powered usb hub is enough in my case?

2nd question, if in the future i will add 1 more usb to Ethernet to usb hub. is it really require powered usb hub?

i tried to minimize my budget,coz i check high-quality usb hub powered is so expensive :sweat_smile:

Yes, with that many USB power consumers (one of which is a power hungry hdd) you are better off with a powered USB hub.

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got it
but my option for powered usb hub is this one

but in that YouTube shows if the powered usb hub dangerous to use coz it can give power back to router.what do you think?:thinking:
is it because in that video the usb hub still plug to power while the laptop is off but usb hub still plug to laptop too?:thinking:

i think if my router and usb hub have same power source, it will be safe coz it will prevent usb hub on and my router off

i still not sure about this. i need some more advise with this condition :sweat_smile:

Use a better hub obviously.

If you have to use one of those, open it up and cut the power connection from the USB host input plug to the rest of the circuitry. Then it can't back feed power but of course it will only work with the power supply attached.

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u gave me an idea

i think, better i buy 3.0 cheap usb hub.then i buy usb Y and cut power cable which connect to router. i will plug other usb male to phone charger adapter with 2A ( i have it now).
its sound good without i break the usb hub and almost same budget

i just dont like modify the powered usb hub right case i break it and need to rebuy again :sweat_smile:

what do you think?

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