Do any vendors work with upstream OpenWrt?

I'm looking at getting more devices, and if possible I'd like to reward vendors "doing the right thing" and working with the upstream OpenWRT project. It's hard to know from a glance at the git web UIs whether any of the commits were authored by device vendor employees.

(Ideally I'd like either good VLAN support or good Wifi 5 (AC) support, but there are other threads for those things.)

GL.iNet is known to stick rather closely to vanilla OpenWrt, and they occasionally even upstream device support.

This might be a question for a developer that goes by "nbd." AFAIK, there is some relation between nbd and a vendor.

BUT GL.iNet uses quite some private (NOT open source) code in their stuff. Which means, it is NOT possible to fully build their openwrt-variant from source.

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As basically all vendors do. They all rely on ancient SDKs. GL.iNet is the only one I know of that actually bothers to use a recent enough actual OpenWrt codebase - and not some Frankenstein SDK.

In the end, an OEM needs a stable enough codebase to sell its hardware with. And proven drivers, which often end up to be the binary ones the likes of Qualcomm etc. provide to them.

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TELTONIKA is another example, using a recent enough actual OpenWrt codebase. However, they also use quite some private (NOT open source) code in their stuff. Which means, the devices of both suppliers are very limited in customization. Unless "official" openwrt can be flashed. Which is valid for quite a few devices from GL.iNET and a very few from TELTONIKA.

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I used to buy Gl Inet because of being able to flash openwrt on it. I just bought two SFT 1200 they have a lot of flash I got excited but seems that they are more a siflower product and dont know if they will get support on the main stream openwrt. that´s sad.. i want to buy openwrt devices.
Which devices that you would recommend?

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