DNSMASQ-full wont offer dhcp6

Lede LEDE Reboot SNAPSHOT r4744-cdb494fdc2 / LuCI Master (git-17.234.69785-72b90c0)
dnsmasq-full 2.77-9

Required: dnsmasq should provive ipv4 and ipv6, slaac should be disabled.

config dhcp 'lan'
option interface 'lan'
option dhcpv6 'server'
option force '1'
option ra_management '2'
option ra 'server'
option start '50'
option limit '100'
option leasetime '6h'

This way ipv6 is only provided by slaac, there are no ipv6 addresses in the /tmp/lease file. If i put a "option ra 'disabled' into the config, no more ipv6 addresses are available at the client. Dnsmasq seems to work only for ipv4 or ignores the config. Any ideas?

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I'm not an expert. But did you assign a pseudo-random FE80 ipv6 address (and might be ipv6 subnet) for the router? This might help in \etc\config\network file?

Seems to be a problem with the operating systems, that deny dhcpv6. Found that windows and android in general enforce slaac. So the dhcpv6 only works for linux systems like my NAS that have a static entry with the MAC.
Have fe80: on the router and on nearly all devices. This won't fix at the moment.