DNSimple zone record update script

Hey All,

Have just spent some time creating a script to update a DNSimple hosted zone record, and thought I'd share, if anyone else is hosting with DNSimple and wants DynDNS like functionality :slight_smile:

More than happy for any feedback or criticism, it's the first linux shell script I've written, tho hopefully not the last :slight_smile:

Now onto the next challenge of setting up a cron task to run this every 5 minutes.. (yes, my linux skills are that bad..)

Cheers -Mike

You are aware of the ddns-scripts and the corresponding luci app/frontend?

It should already do what you are looking for. Might be that support for DNSimple need to be added.

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I did look briefly at it, but it didn't support dnsimple, and as dnsimple isn't dyndns but web API calls, i moved on.

Have had a closer look, and I think I can probably merge the dnsimple script into that set of scripts in the same way that GoDaddy and CloudFlare are being supported, thanks for the tip!