DNSCrypt-Proxy too chatty

How can I reduce the chattiness level in the syslog of dnscrypt-proxy ? I've read in forums to add "-m -loglevel=5" , but not sure where to add this ....

I currently see informational messages and "notice" messages... and would like to see just "warning and error" messages...

I believe those options regulate the "chattiness" you're referring to:

option syslog '1'
option syslog_prefix 'dnscrypt-proxy'
option query_log_file '/path/to/logfile'

Place them inside dnscrypt-proxy config file. It might be nesesery though to paste them for each of dnscrypt-proxy instances you're using.

Nope... those options are for dnscrypt to log to a different file ( last line ) , and for it to log "anything" to the system log (option syslog '1'), not controlling the logging level...

iirc, I think currently you have to modify /etc/init.d/dnscrypt-proxy, may be a note on the owrt dnscrypt wiki

@anomeome I read the wiki, but found no way of modifying the init.d script ... any ideas?

Couple of lines you can add to file /etc/init.d/dnscrypt-proxy:

    config_get      loglevel        $1 'loglevel'       '5'
    append_param_not_empty  "LogLevel"      "$loglevel"         $config_path

Allow you to set the value. This will default it, so leave out the value if not desired.

The line to change via command line parameters:

   procd_set_param command $PROG "$config_path"

But it is config file XOR command line parameters. This would negate config file use, so less than useful imo.

I've just noticed that a new release from yesterday broke my dnscrypt! It was complaining about "plugins not being enabled", and I had to disable the logging, the noipv6, and the blacklist. Has that happened to anyone else too?

Are you one the 17.01.1?

I'm running David's latest build version Lede Reboot SNAPSHOT r4114-6704410 / LuCI Master (git-17.136.70777-41d604f) ... and then I'm throwing on top of it all the packages that are released almost daily from the LEDE repositories.

But it looks like another user , @anomeome confirmed (here) that he run a test and he's getting the same results, so I've contacted the maintainer of the package for him to take a look at this issue.

@mariano.silva, I submitted a PR to add an option to change the log_level in dnscrypt-proxy. It's in version 1.9.5-4. Also dnscrypt-proxy-resolvers were updated because they were over 6+ months out of date. However, if you want or need plugin support, wait for @david to release his next build with 1.9.5-4 included with plugin support.

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A workflow example by @jow that may help with your next push.

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