DNSCrypt general questions

Hi. I wanted to create a thread for those small questions that don't justify making a whole new thread for it.
I will start:
Is DNSCrypt compatible with Adblock?
I got Dnscrypt and today I installed Adblock (and the Adblock-lucí package aswel), checked all the boxes and when I did the test here: http://ads-blocker.com/testing I still see the ads.

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This definitely justifies a new thread. Feel free to change the subject. Thanks!

Yes. :wink:
Any adblock logs available?

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Thanks for the reply. Now it's working as intended so nevermind. If it stops working in the future I will post log.
Another question: to those who got both DNSCrypt and DNSSEC enabled in the router, what does your dhcp file looks like?
I tried to enable both features at the same time but then lost connection to the internet.
This s what I tried: I pasted this, from the old dhcp file

option leasefile '/tmp/dhcp.leases' option resolvfile '/etc/resolv-crypt.conf' list server '' list server '' list server '' list server '/pool.ntp.org/'

Into the right fields on the new dhcp that was created after I installed dnsmasq-full.
Also enabled dnssec on that same file.

So I've found this: https://discourse.pi-hole.net/t/the-truth-about-dnscrypt-proxy-and-dnssec/1694
Apparently there's some compatibility issues with dnssec and dnscrypt.
I wanted to make sure: is the version of dnsmasq available on the repo the latest one or does it need to get updated? Maybe that's why I'm having issues with this. Ty.