DNS local server

What settings are used in Network -> DHCP and DNS -> General Settings -> local server?

I’m having a problem with my FQDN’s resolving to the machines on the local network. I am using openwrt for dns and I entered all hostnames for my domains which also have public dns records. I want dns requests for my domains on the local network to be resolved by the local dns server. Most are but some are not. I want the openwrt dns server to resolve all hostnames

Are the clients using your DNS, and which applications fail?

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Yes - all clients are using the local DNS server. There are no application failures, there are failures with server names - instead of resolving server.domain.com to a local address - which is entered in the hostnames page on openwrt, the DNS returns the public IP of server.domain.com. I am trying to get the openwrt DNS server to look at itself for all machines in the domain.com domain!
I actually have 3 domains that are mapped to public addresses and port forwarded to the machines on my private network. From the private network, I want to access the machines on their private address - so basically a split-brain DNS setup.

It appears the local server setting mentioned above would do this but I don't know the syntax for that field - instead of /lan/ would it be /domain.com/? If so, how would I enter multiple domains?

Have DNS assigned on OS level, and applications using it, are two different things.

Hence the question what application failed - if it's a browser, they (usually) have DoH enabled, and will bypass your local DNS.
Same goes for Android devices, which use DoT on OS level.

Have you checked if there are queries coming in to your DNS for the domains?

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Yes, I know how DNS works, I've been a DNS admin for over 20 years. I am trying to figure out how openwrt has deployed dnsmasq. My question is what is the syntax for this setting when you have FQDN's?

It would be example.com the example being your FQDN, of course.

But...I assume this means that your device will be issuing Public IPs on this VLAN and you want this to be the Globally Authoritative DNS server?

Or are you just playing around with a FQDN on your LAN?

(BTW ***.lan is a FQDN - just not globally valid - which is why I ask; not to insult your 20 years of expertise.)

Then you would make host records in OpenWrt for this pointing to the Private IP.

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Just to leave this where it lies - a .lan is not an FQDN even for a private network unless it has a hostname prefix - and since I NEVER use lan, local, etc in any network I build, thanks for the non-insulting jab!