DMVPN Netifd Scripts

I'm looking to have Dynamic Multi-point VPN (DMVPN) added as a protocol option and was curious if any developers would be interested in implementing this (with compensation)?

Thanks in advance!

you can try to use with nhrp support in conjunction with some ipsec, do you need cisco interoperability, or just the idea of hub and spoke ?
also, ospf or eigrp needed ?

Cisco interoperability would be ideal, though for now I'm looking for a developer that could put everything together and do a POC on a particular device, then package everything in an opkg file.

End deliverable would be makefile and patches to include the required dependencies.

Good find on the pull request. I'll check it out.

it's made by me :wink:
I can test a config, but not sure about netifd integration, mainly you'll have to edit 3 files, 2 ipsec files and frr.conf

@lucize Have you worked further on DMVPN? I'd like to connect to discuss more on this.