DLNA through routers?

Hello, i'm new here and need some help, with the bellow diagram, how can access the dlna from the TV ?

if i connect to the tv to mr3420v3 directly, DLNA is show up, but if i connect the tv to mr3420v5 is not.

in other word, how can mr3420v5 ( OpenWrt ) can work as repeater/extender but over ethernet instead of wifi ?

any help would be appreciated.

Different subnets, any special reason for it?

It would work if you had the same subnet everywhere.

Otherwise you have to set up routing rules in one of the 3420s, and open ports if there are FWs.


If the seperate subnets are not required setup the v5 as a dumb Access Point


thank you. it works, just curious if there any other method that allow me to use luci adblock to block some queries from tv ?

Set the DHCP to point the DNS IPs to the IP of the v5.

as the v5 is being dumbAP, is it still able to use it as dns resolver ?
i have installed pi-hole on linux server and pointed the v3 dns to that pi-hole, i was thinking about double filtering ( in v5 and v3 )

I don't see why it wouldn't.

Don't however understand the need of two adblockers.

i'm setting up the dumb ap by following this guide https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/dumbap
which makes firewall,DHCP,also DNS server in the Dumb AP disabled, i'm not sure if it still possible to use v5 as dns resolver.
i often monitoring the queries to v3 with pihole filters, because i use the v3 as router for work,
while v5 is just for entertainment only i want to avoid those queries from tv to show up in pi-hole.
i'm using old samsung tv which often send random and strange queries

Just because it's disabled, doesn't mean it can't be reenabled :slight_smile:

isn't re enabling dns server breaks the dumbAP rule ?


No guts no glory :slight_smile:

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