DLNA: choose renderer from different VLAN


I am running LEDE 17.01 on my router and I configured several VLANs on it, one of which is having a media server (DLNA) running in it. Every client that is connected to this VLAN can use the server directly (play music locally) and can also choose a different renderer to use. For example: on my tablet I can choose a song and tell it to use my hifi receiver as the output destination.

I guess that's the way DLNA is supposed to work and I simply love it! :slight_smile:

I also managed to set up IGMP so that clients on a different VLAN can play songs from the media server. But they can not choose a different (remote) renderer.

So, my question is this: is this possible at all? Should it work as well, once IGMP is set up and running?

Or is it technically simply impossible for a client in VLAN1 to access a media server in VLAN2 and at the same time chooses a renderer in VLAN2 as well?

Thanks in advance for any hints and tips!