Dlink DIR-300 bricked

I updated the dd-wrt firmware to a version that was first accepted, then after being inserted it blocked the router making it no longer functional.
Now only the flashing orange power light turns on. The hard reset button does nothing. We may be able to insert a new firmware in this bricked condition

you could attempt this for recovery.

everything else should be asked dd-wrt, if you're running their fw.

this device is EOL here since 10+ years, assuming you actually are
using a supported version of it.

For rev B devices, read here.

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You may wish to ask the DD-WRT forum - https://forum.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/

OpenWrt != DD-WRT

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thnk's I try and let you know

no need, this is an e-waste device ...


sorry but i don't understand

your link takes me to a generic ddwrt forum page and not to the post. hard to find what you need

That's correct:

(We wouldn't be familiar with DD-WRT's forum.)

(You may wish to tell them about the difficulty of searching/using their forum.)


.... and not us.


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