Dlink 2750 router caught in reboot loop after flashing LEDE

i downloaded and flashed the lede FW to my dlink 2750b HW Rev. T1 router,
however, router caught in endless loop after reboot, with power led flashing
between red and green.

i reinstalled the stock firmware for the router (au3.08), it was ok. but after flashing lede fw, again the router is stuck at reboot stage.

firmware is downloaded from here:

any ideas?

Try using TFTP.

TFTP tutorials…


to make it clear:
the router is not bricked, it just seems that lede firmware for this router is not working - cant reboot.

i could still flash with stock firmware or openwrt firmware for the router, just trying to figure out using lede firmware since i intend to use it as a wifi repeater - openwrt has a missing package 'luci-proto-relay' that's needed for repeater function.

Actually, the router doesn't need to be bricked to set up a TFTP server on your computer.

It is often the next thing to try when flashing through the web GUI doesn't work.

ok, thanks, i'll look into it.

although i doubt it's my issue - since web gui is working otherwise.

when i compare the size of the firmware files, it seems lede file has exactly the same size with openwrt fw for this router. i really want to get lede fw work on this router, but guess i'm out of luck.