DL-WRX36 (Firmware sign checking error)

Hello, I'm trying to install OpenWrt on my Dynalink dl-wrx36 I followed the instructions located here:


Downloaded the "Firmware OpenWrt Install" which is Factory image

I checked the checksums of the file and it's the same as found here:


I have my computer device connected via Ethernet cable (no other device connected via LAN or WIFI)

logged into the router portal, went into "system Settings" > Firmware > Upgrade Manually > added the file I downloaded from [Factory image] destination and was hit with this error:

can someone please assist me?

The Wiki article never suggests you can upload the firmware through the router GUI. You have to use a USB stick. Re-read that page again, please.


Thank you, i followed:

no issues.

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How was this true, when the link is pretty much the 1st thing you see, on the wiki page ?

I don't understand, i overlooked the USB/SSH portion. got to the forum found that post by the S7venLights and followed it. no issues, i was trying to upload the software directly through the OEM software as i saw on other videos (using different products)

you overlooked everything, yet you had "followed the instructions".

you could have soft bricked it, that would probably been an issue ...

okay dude, i got the software installed. marked the solution get the stick out your behind.

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