DL-WRX36 and DSA

Considering purchasing a DL-WRX36. Do the units currently not support DSA configuring? Lots of discussion on the topic but I'm not sure what the latest is.

Thanks ahead of time for clarifying ........

While it appears to, the DL-WRX36 does not use DSA (or swconfig).

For a little more detail see here:

and here:

Thank you for making it simple and clear for me.
I use a WRT3200ASM for switch and router because of it's cpu speed/USB3/available memory assets.
I trunk a E8450 right next to it as an AP for it's AX/Mesh/WPA3.SAE assets.
It works great for me although I always watch for a one router solution.

I completely enjoy OpenWRT and it's capabilities and only know DSA.
Hoping the ipq807x was it but maybe I should just wait a little longer.

This community forum is and always has been great without equal. Thanks to all.

The Flint 2 GL-MT6000 looks promising for a one router solution, albeit a bit on the expensive side considering your hardware requirements are already met with your current set-up. But if price is no object...

Aside, I don't understand why lack of true DSA support would rule out the DL-WRX36. It's network configuration (i.e., /etc/config/network) is very much like DSA.

However, I wouldn't get a DL-WRX36 to upgrade WiFi performance over an E8450/RT3200 (though it clearly has a better CPU, more memory and 2.5G WAN going for it over the E8450/RT3200). I use a NanoPi R4S with a GS308T switch as my gateway, with dumb AP's on each floor connected to the GS308T with wired Ethernet. FWIW, an RT3200 provides better WiFi throughput and WiFi stability at mid to long range in my environment than a DL-WRX36 I tried that is now stored as a spare in a closet.

Waiting for ipq807x to learn DSA will take years - or might never happen, the ethernet/ switch drivers really need work and the hardware is barely documented (or not at all).

eginnc's suggestion to look at Filogic 830 (which uses DSA drivers) based alternatives is therefore more sensible.

WOW you are right. The GL-MT6000 is impressive. The GL AX-1800 was not a fit for me because of the hybrid forked OpenWRT. I wasn't sure if it was supported by the OpenWRT group.

The GL-MT6000 is different.
This "forked" OpenWRT is supported by oWRT with a snapshot group AND an imagbuilder.

Hardware package is crazy impressive now with mediatek.

Help me understand....When I flash with an imagebuilder build will it become a full open version of OpenWRT and no longer a forked version ? I am assuming with a mediatek Filogic 830 that it will be a DSA version of oWRT and does the imagebuilder have it full set of configuration tools active in this version?

Yes. And yes, OpenWrt uses/supports DSA on Filogic. As to configuration tools provided by imagebuilder, that is entirely up to what packages you decide to include in your image. You may lose some custom bells and whistles in the OEM forked OpenWrt firmware, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over that.

Price dropped $30.00 just today 01 01 24 thru Amazon. Prime card another 5%. Just ordered one. due 01 09 24.