Disk space issue for /overlay filesystem

Hello All,
Hope you all are doing well. I have come across / directory space full issue as following:

As it has been setup in vmware workstation, I can not insert any usbstick or ssd to expand the overlay.

Can you please with any way out to expand the disk space for /overlay file system for virtual environment.

Thanks in advance

hi, if it is a virtual environment you can easily add a new disk, can't you.

Hi ,
Thanks for the response. Can you please share any documentation for adding a new disk ? I have checked openwrt documentation where they have mentioned about adding usb or ssd .

enlarge the underlying disk/storage.
extend the partition, and run resize2fs, or by using a tool like gparted.

how to configure vmware is not openwrt related, please check vmware.com for documentation.

but it is quite simple: edit guest configuration, add new device, hard disk in your case.