Discrepancy of announced new / unread messages

in the shown two areas. Not in the screenshot but usually if I log in. Sync possible?

They are usually synced ok, I think.
E.g. currently new/unread are 15 and 10 in both places for me.
You might check your browser cache settings etc.

Strange thing. Having this for weeks, first time after the post everything is fine. Cache / cookies should auto delete after browser is closed. Will keep an eye on browser add ons / cookie management. Thanks for help!

Looks like it is system specific regarding no one else has provided feedback. Again, freshly started browser.

I think that the "discrepancy" is coming from the context of the menu item and numbers:

  • Top menu row shows the numbers for your current category. In your screenshot you are now in "Installing etc." category, so you only get the numbers for it. Also the menu row items lead to category-specific message lists (of new, unread etc.).
  • Right top corner menu shows the global numbers, and the menu items lead to global lists of messages.

Naturally also I get different numbers if I am inside a category.
In the top level with global visibility there is no difference.

I mainly use the global "latest" as the only place to look for new stuff. If you use the forum regularly, that gives a good overview.

Simple as that, that makes sense. Thank you for taking a closer look, I was too inattentive.