[Discover (?)] Tutorial: How to see PPPoE credentials in Router Vox25 Vodafone Spain without Wireshark

Hi guys, first of all i want to say that i have searched for this in the forum and i didnt found it, so im posting this to all the users who wants to know their PPPoE credentials without Wireshark (like this https://florianjensen.com/2020/04/01/router-neutro-vodafone-neba/ indicates).
Note: Vodafone Spain doesn't give this credentials, they have this "Security policies" so...

Pre-requisites: you need to have the Admin User, thats how i achieve this. How can you have it? You have to ask the FTTH service installer for it. In my case, this person had no problem telling me the Admin user.

Note: I will check if the Basic user can see the Settings tab at least and will edit the post with the results.

I was on my router and i had notice that the Settings ->WAN section was empty, so i decided to look the dev tab on my browser and... look at this:

You will now open the dev tab pressing F12 and search for:

class="button checkbox button-edit wanEdit"


After this, the button will appear and also, all the parameters like this ones:

But what interests us in this case is pressing the button i have mentioned above and...

There we go!

Please, let me know if this is wrong or something, I think it was "too easy to be true"

I hope that my first real contribution to this community will serve many people

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Too bad you have to do this while the device is being installed, and depend on the technician's good mood :frowning:

If you try those credentials in another device and they work, they must be correct :wink:

You can have the phone of the installer, and, like me, i insist him to give me that user alleging that im a expert user.

Yep, im going to test it now. Problem: I only have a Mikrotik antenna to test, but will be useful