Disable WAN when no LAN activity?

Hi all,

I am curious if it is possible to disable WAN if there is no activity on LAN for 5 minutes?
Can this be done?
Just want to have this to not have to worry that I get hacked for whatever reason when nobody is home or are sleeping.

There is no such thing, so it would have to be a custom script.
Maybe you could count the Rx packets or bits of the lan interface and if they are the same after 5 minute intervals to turn off the wan.

However I am wondering, how will you understand that you have been hacked when you are awake?

These days, even more so with WoL and WoWLAN or "cloud based" devices, "no activity on LAN" doesn't really exist anymore.

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Some WAN protocols (PPPoE, for example) have an "Inactivity timeout", you might try it.

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