Disable RFC 1918 filtering through SSH

Hi all,

How would I go about disabling RFC1918 filtering through SSH?

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It depends on how the filtering was enabled.

It is enabled by the default firmware and there is no option in the menus to disable it. I should mention, this is on a Netgear router which is based on OpenWRT. (When I log in using SSH, it shows the OpenWRT screen just like a router would show with a custom OpenWRT build).

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Official OpenWrt firmware has no RFC1918 filtering by default.

It is not clear what is enabled in your case, so post your configs:

uci show network; uci show firewall; uci show dropbear; uci show uhttpd
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This are often very old builds based on OpenWrt SDK. They are running often with very old kernels like kernel 2.6.xx or 3.x.xx. They are heavy modifyed. You cannot compare them with origin OpenWrt. Given that the software used is quite old, not up to date and might not behave like you would expect.

You should at least mention the exact device. Maybe it is possible to upgrade.


It is this device: Netgear BR100 IPQ4018 SoC

It was part of a beta test (I was also one of the testers like the other guy who created that thread) from last year that was scrapped / never released.

I do know that the device has an IPQ4018 SOC, 2MB + 128 MB Flash, and 256 MB RAM.

I know the guy helping me on the other thread asked for a dump of the flash but I don't know the commands for that via SSH. I will also do as vgaetera posted and see if that does anything to help me with the situation.

All I need is the RFC1918 filtering removed...whether it be via SSH or via a complete upgrade to a custom OpenWRT firmware.

Thank you both very much for your help.

O. K. this device is "beta". No support from OpenWrt so far. But the specs are similar to other devices. So it might be possible that a developer could add support for this device. As @robimarko has written in the thread you have linked here you have to provide a full dump.
For the issue here you still didn't provide the data requested by @vgaetera.
Do you have ssh access to the device already?

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