Disable Netgear WAX202 LEDs in current snapshot

Hi all,
I use a Netgear WAX202 as a dumb wifi access point. Currently running openWrt 22.03.3 where I have successfully disabled all LEDs.
To test current improvements in the wifi, I installed a current snapshot version (r22252-f30757b94e). However, I can no longer deactivate the LEDs for the LAN ports.
Under "/sys/class/leds/" I can see differences depending on the version.

Output snapshot version:

ls /sys/class/leds/
blue:net      blue:wifi5g   green:power   green:wifi5g  mt76-phy1     orange:lan2   orange:power
blue:wifi2g   green:net     green:wifi2g  mt76-phy0     orange:lan1   orange:lan3

Output 22.03.3

ls /sys/class/leds/
blue:net      blue:wifi5g   green:lan2    green:net     green:wifi2g  orange:lan1   orange:lan3
blue:wifi2g   green:lan1    green:lan3    green:power   green:wifi5g  orange:lan2   orange:power

Does anyone here have an idea by chance how I can disable the Lan Port LEDs under the snapshot version? My attempts so far have all been unsuccessful.

Thanks in advance