Disable IPv6 [LAN + WAN] WRT3200acm@ Davidc build

Is there a guide on how to disable IPv6 completely (LAN+WAN) with OpenWRT ?
My ISP doesnt hand out IPv6 IP's and i dont need IPv6 on my LAN either.

edit: Got it done for my LAN/Guest LAN.
Can i just delete WAN6 from Interfaces via LUCI ? Or is there a proper way to disable WAN6 ?
Unchecking "bring up on boot" doesn't work, just tried and interface was still there after reboot...

edit2: i've delete WAN6 interface and rebooted, all seems to be fine, hopefully it doesnt have any bad side effects...

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What is the purpose? If you have no ipv6 public prefix, then how is having wan6 a problem?

I see this so much on forums, people want to disable ipv6 for basically no reason. Ipv6 is truly great technology, disabling it is usually but not always a pointless task that makes things worse. I'm always interested in the motivation to see if I'm missing something

I always had some weird error logs regarding to IPV6 not/can't hand out adresses etc. (my Syslog is much cleaner now)
And my Traffic summary @pppoe-wan was wrong/not accurate cause of the WAN6 interface.
Did a backup before deleting and changing things regarding to IPv6, so i can always roll back easily...

IPV6 might be a great technology but my ISP doesnt use and and why should i have it enabled at my LAN side ?

Does this help?

I didnt found out how to just "disable" it, there was only a button to connect/stop/edit/delete, so i used the delete button.
Would be great if u tell me howto exactly disable it, i would rather disable the interface than deleting it.


Deleting was the correct procedure. @tmomas did not write the post that you quoted, I did.

Stop was what I was referring to in the quoted post. If you performed all steps, IPv6 should now be "disabled."

The Interface can easily be added back. There is no meaningful purpose to leaving the WAN6 config in place. IPv6 will not be "disabled" if you keep the config.

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Compile yourself without IPV6

I dont feel ready 4 this tho :wink:
DavidC is doing a great job for guys like me...

Compiled firmware contains basic and advanced features for your router. Use them or not, they stay. The only way is to do it youself:


It's actually way easier to admin than ipv4. Plug in a printer... Instantly it has ipv6 address and knows the DNS server. If you have a busy LAN, like at a cafe, No running out of DHCP addresses, or shortening leases, etc

Obviously it's a lot better to have public ipv6, but even just on a LAN with ULA it's a great technology

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Since you mentioned it, how would one easily recreate WAN6 after deleting it in Luci?

I was troubleshooting an issue and deleted it, but later realized that the problem was caused elsewhere and would like to just add it back if it's easy to do. (Unfortunately, I didn't make a configuration backup beforehand.)

My understanding is that it acts as a sort of alias of WAN, but I don't exactly know what the default settings would be to recreate it.

I assume you would click on "Add new interface..."
Give it the name WAN6
Select the Protocol to be DHCPv6 client (or should it be IPv6-in-IPv4 (RFC4213)?)
Select the Interface as Alias interface "@wan" (or do you select the same interface as WAN is set to?)
Then under the Firewall Settings -> Create / Assign firewall-zone dropdown, and select wan (or does it need its own Firewall zone created and configured?)

Is that correct? Are there any other settings here (say, under Advanced Settings or Physical Settings) that would need to be configured to get it back to its default functionality?


config interface 'wan6'
	option ifname 'eth0.2'
	option proto 'dhcpv6'

There you go!

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I prefer the @wan ifname. But both ways can work fine.
wan zone can cover wan6, if you have not altered from the defaults.


I wondered why it didn't say that...I thought this was a default config... :thinking:

(I'll make sure I pull from my test device next time.)


I think it is not the default.

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Well the simplest reason is that I don't want to maintain firewall rules for IPv4 and IPv6 as my IPv4 rules are already complex enough. And as long as I am not forced to use IPv6 from the WAN side I don't see a reason on the LAN.

If you don't have ipv6 from the WAN side, what firewall rules do you need?

Firewall rules between different VLANs in my LAN

uci set firewall.lan.family='ipv4'
Do this for all the zones.

Note that this makes firewall to use default policies to process IPv6 traffic.