Disable DNS Server and have DHCP advertise custom DNS server

Hello all,
I'm new to OpenWRT, and I can't find a way, through the luci UI to have the DHCP server of OpenWRT advertise some custom DNS servers of mine (pihole on local network)

By default, OpenWRT creates a DNS server, that can forward to my custom DNS servers; but I don't like this solution since in my custom DNS server log, I'll only see request from OpenWRT

In other firmwares, I was able to tell the router to only run the DHCP server, and advertise my custom DNS servers. How can I do that with OpenWRT ?

Thank you!


@anthonydahanne, welcome to the community!

Same way you do with any network - DHCP Option No. 6:


thanks, but I was looking for a luci UI solution

Thank you ! that did the trick!
Happy to have joined the community!
1 question getting 2 answers in under 1 hour, that's great, thanks a lot guys

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