DIR-860L B1 Firmware Question

As in line with my obsessive compulsive personality I re-discovered (OpenWRT) LEDE and now have multiple routers just so I can play around with LEDE.

Receiving a DIR-860L B1 in the mail later this afternoon (even though I absolutely don't need another router :slight_smile: ) and wondering which firmware build to put on it. I've noticed a couple of build threads and of course there is stable and developmental branches.

Which one is currently behaving the best for daily usage?

LEDE on:


I am using a DIR-860L B1 as daily driver.
I compiled firmware myself from development branch a few days ago (SNAPSHOT r4049-9412fc2)
and it runs rock solid atm.. also using SQM with cake and "piece of cake" script on 25/5 VDSL2 line.

Definitely recommended.


Really? SQM is stable for you with cake? Interesting. Have you tried to run it under heavy load with cake enabled? I found that dslreports.com would reliably crash my router with 32 upload/download streams when I run it a few times. But it was a while ago since I last tried it, so maybe this crash has been fixed in the meantime?

@Bartvz You mentioned instabilities in the master branch that you tried a while ago? Do you happen to remember what version/date that was? It would be awesome if this bug is truly fixed :slight_smile:

Well... heaviest load was Streaming with Amazon Fire TV (Netflix) and Windows Updates and
Steam Game Updates (several GB) at the same time... worked like a charm...
no stuttering while bingewatching :wink:

I'll try with dslreports tomorrow and report


Very impressive! Looking forward to your tests tomorrow. If they work fine with cake I think it is time to update my Dir-860l to the master branch as well :slight_smile:

Are there any compiling directions or a build somewhere? Does the daily development version on the download page have the CAKE problem?

The development snapshots on the download page are built from the latest source in the master branch. If the issue has indeed been fixed, the fix should be included in an image downloaded from over there. You can find the download page at the following url:


If you decide to try out the latest image, please let us know whether you can use SQM cake without any crashes. A lot of people were having issues, so having confirmation that it has been fixed would be awesome :slight_smile:

Ok... I set the DSLREPORTS speed test to 32/32 and did the test 10 times in a row....
No crashes! DIR-860L B1 is still running fine :wink:

After viewing the last log it seems DSLREPORTS only gave me 24 streams up and down, even
if configured to 32/32....

Still... nice result (Got Bufferbloat A+), even if my line seems a bit on the bad side (Quality C)...

I am using the Router with a Draytek Vigor 130 modem with most recent FW.

VDSL2 25/5 with Deutsche Telekom as Service Provider.


That is amazing news! I will compile a new image from the latest master branch, and report back if it has also been fixed for me. Fingers crossed. Thank you very much for doing those tests :slight_smile:

I just wanted to download the latest snapshot build to test SQM cake, but I am noticing a new file in the snapshot directory: https://downloads.lede-project.org/snapshots/targets/ramips/mt7621/

The new file I am talking about is called: dir-860l-b1-initramfs-kernel.bin

What is this file used for?

Not sure... I had to use an initram filesystem as an intermediate step on Fritzbox4040.

First Filesystem in RAM, and then from there install SquashFS upgrade...

Did you maybe activate it in build options?

AFAIK it is not needed to upgrade DIR-860L


Ok I'm pretty new with LEDE but I get Linux just fine and can figure out most things.

Installed the 4 May developmental LEDE, then installed luci, then installed the luci-sqm and enabled it as per the wiki.

Ran the DSLReports test several times with A's and A +'s, no crashing. I previously wasn't aware of the sqm deal in LEDE and think it's pretty awesome. Although at last count I have way too many routers to deploy in my home, LEDE on this DIR-860 make me want to deploy it somewhere. It's a beast for the cost.

SQM is still crashing my DIR-860L under heavy load. I really believe the issues are related to very high workloads. With the SQM limits set to 100/100 and 200/200 mbit/s the test completes just fine with A+ bufferbloat grade. But as soon as I try 300/300 mbit/s the router crashes under a dslreports.com speedtest both with cake and fq_codel.

Tested with LEDE Reboot SNAPSHOT r4094

Edit: I created a flyspray ticket with some additional information about the bug: https://bugs.lede-project.org/index.php?do=details&task_id=764

Please vote for this ticket so the developers can look into it.