DIR-300/B5 WiFi client, can ping from router, can't ping from LAN

DIR-300 verision B5

Default setup, just after factory reset. Login, connect to wifi as a client. There we go, we suppose to have internet. And we do. I can ping, name resolve trace route from the router, inside network/diagnostics.

However, when I connect LAN cable to my computer, I do get IP address, default is 192.168.1.xx.. However, I can not ping anything on the internet. I can't even reach the router to which wifi is connected.

What's happening?

to some other device, providing internet via wifi ?

did you put this connection in the wan fw zone ?
does this device by any chance use the 192.168.1 subnet ?

Today seems D-Link memorial day :slight_smile:

300/B5 is really ancient 4/32 device that at most seems to support v17. Which OpenWRT version did you try?

I've solved my issue!!

frollic gave me a hint. I've been putting wwan into lan fw zone, as soon as I put into wan fw zon it started working.

Tho, it's on it's own subnet, 172.16.1.x, while the main router is on 172.16.0.x... I believe it is impossible with this router make extended wifi on the same subnet. But it's okey.

Yea, the speed is comparatively crappy compared to my other wifi extender based on Keenetic 1 and DD-WRT. But still, this will work for me. So now I have high speed wifi in living root, kitchen, bedroom and balcony! Thanks guys!

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