DIR 2660 maximum sqm speed

im using dir 2660 can someone tell me the maximun speed this device can handle when sqm is enabled.

Might be of interest to you:

Look at the ath79 values - MT7621 ones will be a bit higher but not that much.

…and keep in mind that those values have been determined using synthetic benchmarking, real-world traffic usually gives you worse results (so the values listed there are correct, but very optimistic); also if you need PPPoE, that will inherit a considerable CPU usage as well.

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so using PPPoE in same router can increase CPU usage. i mean my current setup is ONT to router bridge. shall i remove the bridge mode and set PPPoE in the ONT?

No, you want your router to terminate the PPPoE session (double NAT is not wanted at all), but that's the cost of doing business and you just have to select your router (-performance) accordingly.