Different zones in my global subnet mask


what is the best way to make differents zone in my subnet ? I whould like make that:

The solution is it to make several LAN interface or to use firewall zones ? I do a test, but I lost my OpenWRT and I had to reset it to recovered my access.

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If you want more control in the traffic among subnets, then it is better to have different zones.
One interface will belong to one firewall zone.

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I must create 5 interfaces and 5 zones ? One for each subnets and 1 for the global LAN ?

First of all you cannot have one interface in and the others in subnets of the /24
You definitely need to create 4 or 5 interfaces. The last one can be or
The zones that you'll create depends mostly on how you want to regulate the traffic among the interfaces. If for example 2 interfaces can have the same forwardings to other zones, they can belong to the same zone.

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