Differences between wg-installer-server and wg-installer-client?

What are the functional differences between the mentioned packages?
I can't find the differences described (might be my too generic queries) and since wg uses a concept of peers and not servers / clients, why/when would you choose one or the other?

For most use cases e.g. adding a WG interface/tunnel for connecting to a commercial VPN provider, which provides you with a Wireguard configuration file, you need the wg-installer-client.
That is the "Import Configuration" item on the General Settings tab to import a configuration file

My usecase is different, so just for confirmation... for a tunnel between 2 OpenWRTs, both 'managed' by me, the server installer would be the one to install on both sides?

For just connecting two routers I would not bother and setup manually
See e.g https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/vpn/wireguard/site-to-site

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I already did the manual setup (in luci);
It wasn’t obvious (to me) if the client or server installer packages were required, so I tried both and didn’t find any differences.
Now it is clear that for setup via luci, I don’t need wg-installer-client nor wg-installer-server at all, just the luci proto package.
Thanks for your replies.

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