Difference between NOR and BRN


I want to flash mine modem vgv7519 with LEDE. But now i see a nor and a brn version. Can someone tell me what the difference is?

I know nor flash but dont know where brn for stands..

BRN usually means brnboot.
I only briefly read the wiki page for the vgv7510kw22. As far as I understand, you can leave brnboot on the device and flash a BRN-image, or you replace brnboot with u-boot and flash a NOR-image afterwards. Maybe this is the case for the vgv7519, too.
But I'll receive my vgv7510 device in the coming days, maybe I can tell you a bit more afterwards.

I just had a look into the lantiq/xrx200 folder and now I'm a bit confused as well. There are
but no u-boot files. Do the old instructions on the OpenWrt Wiki still apply, or is it now possible to flash the factory.bin from the brnboot web-inferface?
Has anyone flashed a vgv7519 or vgv7510 lately and can shed some light on this?

Thanks for the answer the u-boot files i found in the snapshot/trunk directory

NOR is a type of flash and these NOR images are designed to directly fit on NOR flash memory, that's why they are called NOR. And the BRN images are designed to be flashed by the brnbootloader and contain the appropriate headers. the VGV7519 had a brnbootloader by default and can be accesed either through the TTL connection or by holding the reset button while powerup the VGV7519. Unfortunatly the brnboot is password protected and this password is not yet known. So the images should work but since the password is unknown there is no way to test them. They are included/build because the code to make them was already present. Because there is no way to flash a image through the brnbootloader it has to be replaced by uboot as a workaround.

This is also why there is only a BRN factory images, and NOR sysupgrade images. The difference is the header information for the factory flashing procedure.