Did you find a way to support iMX8 on OpenWrt?

Currently, it seems OpenWRT support iMX6. Does OpenWRT support iMX8?

Openwrt can support all devices that Linux supports, so iMX8 is possible as afaik it's supported in Linux. If you don't see a target for it, this means nobody has added a iMX8-based device yet.

Note that there is both an i.MX 8 family as well as the whole i.MX 8 series consisting of as many as 9 families in total.

Sure, but the feature set still varies widely depending on what exact i.MX 8 family you are talking about.

That just means creating more than a single i.MX8 target, or a "big" target with many subtargets like with the mediatek one. It can be done, the system supports it.

It is a bit of work though, and nobody has done it yet

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Thanks for your information.

We are going to use i.MX 8X with 4 Cortec-A35 to realize the route function from 4 NAD (25G, 2LTE) to 5 LAN.
From customer's requirement, we must finish tasks of transplanting OpenWrt to this AP and provide interface for their middleware and application.

If OpenWrt could support i.MX 8X, can we use the OpenWrt source code of iMX6 and customize them to meet i.MX 8X?


Yes that's a good starting point to create the new target. You copy current iMX6 target, rename it to iMX8 and then you can add your new device there.

Well, while i.MX 6 is a good oldé 32-bit architecture them i.MX 8 are all 64-bit. Anyway, as mentioned before it really should be possible but requires quite some integration work. Good luck!