Did i need to enable NMBM in new platform?

I am adding support for Xiaomi WR30U, it use mtk filogic MT7981B soc with 128M spi nand.
It's stock firmware, u-boot, bl2 enabled nmbm.

Should i enable it in my config?
If i did not enable it, what will happen?
Did bad block will be more?

Please help me with enable question, thanks!

See how other similar devices were added.

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look at commit https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/commit/7cbe34170e3d8471c1ebacde33a2372c92433be4
in mt7981b-glinet-gl-mt3000.dts You will find mediatek,nmbm;

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and about nmbm
This is mediatek solution for bad-block collection and remapping.
Like additional layer on top of hardware NAND that is filesystem independent.
If bootloader have it enabled and OEM use it . This should be also enabled in OpenWRT

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Thanks for your reply, the stock bootloader, u-boot and firmware enabled NMBM.
But the same devices in openwrt tree disabled them, their stock enabled NMBM.
Those devices rebuild their bootloader and u-boot with NMBM disabled in openwrt build.
What i should do in this situation?

I added another config with nmbm enabled.
Now it have two same layout config, one disable nmbm for openwrt u-boot and the other enable nmbm for other u-boot.

Problem solved.

According to @daniel 's advice, NMBM is not a necessary feature and should be disabled whenerver it is possible.

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