Did I buy a dud?

I was trying to get an router that would support OPENWRT, the ad said AC1200, but when the box arrived it said: Linksys EA6100 AC1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router

Is this supported?? Did I buy a dud?


Now, there may be a custom build someone is doing, but it doesn't look like it's supported by OpenWrt directly at this time.

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I wanna cry!!! I thought because it was a Linksys AC1200 it was going to be supported.. argh!!!

Based on the hardware specifications, it might be be possible to support it (mt7620a+mt7612e) - but that doesn't mean anyone will actually get their hands on one and start working on it (given that mt7620a isn't a particularly interesting SOC (100 MBit/s ethernet ports only, not very reliable 2.4 GHz wlan, not that fast), with mt7621 being its better successor).


Try the WRT32X certified refurb on amazon for $99 works reasonably well these days and has quite a bit of processing power for fairly high speed connections (easily 200-300 Mbps with SQM for example).

So I would venture to guess that there isn't any OpenWRT with specs that match my router. ie, EA6100 has identical hardware to xxx model, so you might try that.

That is basically never the case, these are still embedded devices - the firmware needs to match exactly, h/w IDs, partitioning, OEM factory firmware structure, GPIO- and LED assignments, location of calibration data, MAC addresses, etc. Even if the hardware were a perfect match between different models, that doesn't mean firmwares would be compatible (e.g. Linksys WRT3200ACM <--> WRT32x, Netgear r7800 <--> xr450 <--> xr500, TP-Link Archer C7 v5 <--> Archer A7 v5, …). Just blindly trying to force a firmware for a different devices is basically guaranteed to brick the device, probably for good.


it is 1000Mbps ports (asside from that specific device) and wlan is working fine with latest changes. what is stupid is that linksys put AC wlan on that 100Mbps port device and AN wlan on 1000Mbps port device (EA2750 that i bricked before making upgradeable image) still have changes somewhere if the OP is interested in running ramdisk image

I was referring to this very specific device, not (only) the SOC alone (which can do 1 GBit/s ethernet on some of its devices) - making this very device not a very attractive choice for anyone who'd otherwise be willing to try porting OpenWrt to a new device (because there are other mt7620a devices without this limitation).