DHCPv6 option6 for downstreams


I've been trying to configure openwrt dnsmasq to hand out dhcpv6 options to my clients.

For my specific interface I'm trying to set:

option dhcp_option 'option6:42,[2a00:8a60:0:20::123]'


option dhcp_option 'option6:ntp-server,[2a00:8a60:0:20::123]'

For reference:

The dnsmasq crashes though. Is it possible that openwrt does not implement this option6?


That option (ipv6 dhcp server) is by default included if you install dnsmasq-full.

And remove standard dnsmasq and the default ipv6 server and client.

But you need a device with large flash to run dnsmasq-full, as far as I understand this is the main reason we don’t have the full dnsmasq package included as default.


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