DHCPv6 option 54 and 55

we envisage to use openwrt based system as dhcp client for Ipv6 using odchcp6c and in that there is a requirement to send Info DHCP Info request with Option 54 (OPTION-IPv6_Address-MoS) and 55 (OPTION-IPv6_FQDN-MoS) , and while looking into that code of odhcp6c , sensed its not supported , hence wish to check with the forum to look into possibility of supporting the same

odhcp6c -h
        -r <options>    Options to be requested (comma-separated)
        -R              Do not request any options except those specified with -r
  • OPTION_ Custom option received as base-16

I see, there is no internal source code level support to specify this DHCPv6 option 54 and 55. can you please comment on this?

Nope, cause I am not a developer. Have you tried to add these options as arguements and it didn't work?

Maybe a better bet would be the devel mailing list, or if you can send a patch, else https://openwrt.org/packages/pkgdata/odhcp6c pointing to https://bugs.openwrt.org for lodging a bug (incl. feature request)

I will try it