DHCPv6 option 17

I am using ISC DHCP SERVER6 (version 4.4.1) for ipv6 on ubuntu machine and odhcp6c client is running on another ubuntu machine

My requirement is

  1. I am using two ubuntu machines. Dhcpv6 server is running on one machine and dhcpv6 client is running on another machine.
    2.vendor class (option 16) is sent from client.
    3.In Server side, according to vendor class (option 16) , corresponding vendor opts (option 17) should be sent from dhcpv6 server
    4.Can you please give me , sample server side configuration for ISC DHCPv6.

My current Dhcpv6 server configuration:


default-lease-time 14400;

max-lease-time 86400;

log-facility local7;

option space RAKU code width 1 length width 1 hash size 3;

option RAKU.server-name code 2 = text;

subnet6 2012:db8:bad:a55::/64 {

    option dhcp6.name-servers 2012:4860:4860::8888, 2012:4860:4860::8844;

    option dhcp6.domain-search "osi.io";

    range6 2012:db8:bad:a55::100 2012:db8:bad:a55::199;

    range6 2001:db8:bad:a55::/64 temporary;

class "vendor-classes" {

  match option vendor-class-identifier;


subclass "vendor-classes" "raku" {

  vendor-option-space RAKU;


option RAKU.server-name "RakutenWlc";

and in my client side , openwrt dhclient is running by using below syntax

./odhcp6c -V 72616b75 -N none -ev enp0s3

here in client, vendor class is sent by including option -V in above syntax.

Can you please tell me,if you find any mistakes in my above configuration files. I tried with above configuration, still vendor specific is not sent from server. Please help me to find out answer.

Durga K

I know, dhcpv6 option 17 is not supported in openwrt,but option 16 is supported. I just want to see whether option 17 is sent out from isc-dhcp-serverv6.


Has anybody used dhcp v6 option 17 ( vendor specific) recently in ISC DHCP SERVER. Please give me sample configuration.


You should ask Ubuntu questions in a Ubuntu forum. This forum is for OpenWrt.

Also, here's the ISC link to documentation - there's a direct link to the MAN pages:


Ok lleachii, thanks

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